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Tax debt can be an overwhelming burden for individuals, but failure to pay or underpaying tax liability is not the answer. Failure to pay tax debt can lead to hefty penalties and interest charges. ...

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IRS Preparing to Keep over $750 Million in Unclaimed Tax Refunds

Today is tax day, the day when millions of individuals are finally getting their federal income tax returns filed so that they can claim their tax refunds.  Although many late tax filers delay completing their returns until the last minute because they want to put off paying money they owe to the IRS, there are many others due to receive a refund who wait simply because they are too busy to get their tax return filed.


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Reasons for Filing an Extension of your Federal Income Tax

April 15, the date when state and federal income tax returns are due, is only a few weeks away.  While many millions have already filed their tax returns and received their refunds, there are millions more who have yet to get started on preparing their taxes.


Cash-Strapped States Plan Tax on e-Cigarettes to Generate Revenue

In approximately half of the states that are facing budget shortfalls, legislators are evaluating the best way to begin taxing e-cigarettes to generate additional revenue.


Democrats Propose Taxes on Guns and Ammo to Curb Violence

Democrat lawmakers are again pushing a measure aimed at curbing gun violence, in this case by making it more expensive for all gun buyers to purchase handguns and ammo by increasing federal taxes on the sale and transfer of guns.


Movement to Prevent ObamaCare Underway

As October 1 draws near, the date when ObamaCare goes into effect as Americans begin to enroll in healthcare benefits for 2014, there is a final push within Congress and at the grass-roots level to remove funding from ObamaCare.


“Penny Plan” Proposed as Option to Balance Budget

Republican lawmakers are reviving an approach to balance the budget of the federal government that was first proposed by the Tea Party.


Colorado School Tax Increase Petition Submitted with 160,000 Signatures

On Monday, supporters delivered to Denver more than the required number of signatures necessary to bring before voters a measure to overhaul Colorado’s education system.


IRS Extends Tax Deadline for Those Affected by Boston Marathon Bombing

On Tuesday, the IRS announced that it was extending the April 15 deadline for 2012 federal income tax by three months to those individuals who were affected by the bombing of the Boston Marathon.


California Nails Small Business Owners with Retroactive Tax

At the end of last year, California dealt another blow to state income tax payers.  Many wealthy individuals who had seen personal income taxes rise are now paying another tax increase in the form of a retroactive tax aimed squarely at small business owners to the tune of over $120 million.


Washington Estate Tax

If you live in the state of Washington or have property located in Washington, you may be subject to the state’s estate tax.  The Washington State Department of Revenue is responsible for collecting estate tax based on the applicable state laws.  These estate tax laws have been in effect in their current form since May 17, 2005. (more…)

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