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Automatic Filing Extension for Some Taxpayers

The tax-filing deadline for most people in 2017 is April 18. Although anyone can file for an extension, the Internal Revenue Service grants certain taxpayers in special situations an automatic extension without the taxpayer having to request it.

This article provides an overview of those who receive an automatic extension for filing there federal income tax return.

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Now Better Than Later When It Comes to Late Tax Filing

It is nearing the end of April, almost two weeks after federal and state income tax returns were due on April 15.  Hopefully, that means you have filed your income tax and paid any taxes you owed, or perhaps you are now waiting on a refund

But what if you have not filed your income tax for 2012 and you did not bother to file an extension?  Should you just sit back and wait for the IRS to contact you?  Read on to learn more. Continue reading

Last Minute Tax Return Filing and Getting an Extension

It is April 1, which means only two weeks remain until federal income tax returns are due on April 15.  If you have already filed your tax return, congratulations on getting your return filed on time rather than waiting until the last minute.  But for those of you who have not yet filed your tax return, there are some important tips to remember. Continue reading