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IRS Publishes Simplified Approach for Home Office Deductions

The IRS has published a reminder that those who have a home-based business or a home office can use a simplified approach to claim deductions for the portion of their home dedicated to business use.


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IRS Releases Warning Concerning Common Tax Scams, Part 2

Following is part 2 of the most common tax scams identified by the IRS, including steps taxpayers can take to guard against becoming victims of these scams.  Scams such as these increase during tax season, but taxpayers should be on their guard throughout the year to help make sure they do not become the next victim.


IRS Releases Warning Concerning Common Tax Scams, Part 1

The IRS has released a list of the most common tax scams carried out against taxpayers, along with a warning to taxpayers to be on their guard against such schemes.


IRS Issues Tax Tips Related to Healthcare Law Changes from ObamaCare

The IRS has issued a series of tax tips to help taxpayers understand the effect the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, may have on their federal income tax returns.


IRS Criminal Report Shows Increase in Tax Crimes, Convictions

On Monday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released its Annual Business Report on Criminal Investigations for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2013.  The report noted a rise in criminal activity related to the committing of tax crimes, especially in the area of identity theft.  However, the report also highlighted an increase in the prosecution and conviction rates of tax crimes.


IRS Fails to Pay Income Tax on Travel Expenses, Has Resource Issues

The IRS continues to find ways to draw negative attention to itself, in this case as the result of executives who failed to adhere to the IRS’s own rules regarding expenses and poorer service levels because of a shortage of resources.


Plan to Increase Minimum Wage may Eliminate 500,000 Jobs

President Obama recently proposed a plan to increase the federal minimum wage.  While the plan would increase the income for a number of workers, a report by the Congressional Budget Office indicates the proposed increase would result in the elimination of thousands of jobs.


IRS Posts Tax Tips as Busy Income Tax Filing Season Ramps Up

The three-day holiday weekend of Presidents Day has historically been the point where many individuals get serious about completing their federal income tax returns.  That also means the wait times to get help from the IRS by speaking with a live person on the phone will become increasingly longer as April 15 approaches.


Employer Mandate Component of ObamaCare Delayed Yet Again

The Treasury Department announced on Monday that the employer mandate component of ObamaCare would be delayed another year for some companies.


CBO Says ObamaCare to Reduce Work Force by 2 Million Full-Time Jobs

A report released this week by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that ObamaCare would reduce the work force in the United States by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs by 2017.


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