Movement to Prevent ObamaCare Underway

As October 1 draws near, the date when ObamaCare goes into effect as Americans begin to enroll in healthcare benefits for 2014, there is a final push within Congress and at the grass-roots level to remove funding from ObamaCare.

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, is the primary backer of the effort to stop the government-backed health insurance plan from going into effect.  Cruz has indicated that he believes the effort will succeed.  However, he noted that it will take a great deal of support from citizens telling their representatives that they do not want the insurance coverage.

“This fight is likely to heat up in the month of September,” Cruz noted.  “That’s going to be when the battle is engaged.”

When lawmakers return to Washington in September, Cruz plans to advocate separation of a bill funding ObamaCare from funding to keep the rest of the government running.  In that way, efforts to prevent ObamaCare from receiving funding will not be tied to what would be an unpopular prevention of governmental funding in general.

To stop passage of funding for ObamaCare, it will take 41 members in the Senate or 218 members of the House, as well as agreement from President Obama.  However, Cruz admitted he and his supporters do not yet have this number of votes.

“We do not have the votes right now,” Cruz said.  “But I believe if we see a grass-roots tsunami, that is going to cause Republicans and Democrats to listen to the people.”

“It is going to take a tsunami and I’m going to do everything I can to encourage that tsunami,” Cruz continued.

Cruz and his supporters are advocating defunding of ObamaCare because of the impact it will have on jobs, as employers look for ways to reduce the cost of ObamaCare against their bottom lines.  There is an expectation that employers will at a minimum reduce the hours worked by many employees below 30 hours per week, the threshold where ObamaCare-required healthcare benefits are mandated.  Such a reduction in hours would thereby mean employers do not have to pay for benefits for those employees.

Other employers are expected to eliminate some jobs altogether, likewise in an effort to reduce the number of employers who they have to pay to cover for healthcare insurance and thereby reduce costs associated with the measure.

In the end, these changes mean fewer jobs and a decrease in jobs that will include healthcare benefits.

Jim DeMint, former Senator from South Carolina who is now the president of the Heritage Foundation, has recently indicated he believes the American people were misled about the cost of ObamaCare when it was first explained.

“American people were lied to, and they have every right to demand that their representatives stop this unfair and un-American law,” DeMint said.

The true cost of ObamaCare has begun to come to light as various employers publish the amount of money they are having to set aside to pay for the insurance.  Last week, Delta Airlines issued a letter to the Obama administration urging them to reconsider the plan as written, as Delta expects ObamaCare to cost the airline almost $100 million in 2014 alone.

by Mark Johnston

Mark has been a contributor to legal web sites related to bankruptcy, tax, and criminal law since 2011. He has an Accounting degree from Texas A&M University.