Can a tax attorney guarantee results?

While a tax attorney can help you resolve your tax issues, they cannot guarantee a specific result.  Each case is unique.  Although a tax attorney will know the tax law applicable to a given situation and how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) generally treats each such situation, there is no requirement that the IRS respond to your situation in the exact same manner as they have other similar situations.

However, even though a tax attorney cannot guarantee results, an attorney can generally help you with the following tax matters.

Understand notices received from the IRS. The IRS has a variety of letters they may send to a taxpayer notifying them about possible issues with their tax return.  Whatever you do when you receive a notice from the IRS, you should not ignore it.  While all notices sent by the IRS do not necessarily mean bad news, you need to read the notice to be sure and attempt to take the steps the IRS is asking of you.  If the IRS does need you to take some form of action, ignoring it will only make the matter worse.  If you do not understand what the notice means, a tax attorney can help you understand the notice and what you need to do.

Address an audit from the IRS. Although a relatively small number of tax returns are audited each year by the IRS—somewhere around 1% of returns filed in a given year—if your return is one of the ones the IRS selects to audit, you need to take action.  A tax attorney can help you work with the IRS to understand the reason for the audit and to be sure any materials you provide to the IRS address the specific need.

File one or more prior tax returns. While most people use a tax preparer or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to help them file tax returns, a tax attorney is who you should turn to when you have one or more past due returns.  A tax attorney is the only one who will be able to help you address any legal matters related to the unfiled returns.  An attorney is also the only one who is not legally obligated to tell the IRS everything you have shared with them.

Negotiate a settlement with the IRS for tax owed. Just because you owe money to the IRS, it does not mean that you will have to pay all of it.  Depending on your situation, it may be possible to negotiate a payment arrangement with the IRS to address the tax liability for less than the full amount you actually owe.  A tax attorney will know all the options you have available for addressing your tax owed and how to step through the process and various forms that must be completed to take advantage of each option.

How can I contact a tax attorney to help me with my specific issues?

When you decide that you are ready to get help from a tax attorney, you can do so by completing the short form below.  Completing this form will get you in touch with an actual tax attorney who can discuss your matter with you free of charge.  This discussion is completely confidential and does not obligate you to anything further, so please get help from a tax attorney today so that you can be free of your tax issues soon.

by Mark Johnston

Mark has been a contributor to legal web sites related to bankruptcy, tax, and criminal law since 2011. He has an Accounting degree from Texas A&M University.