Try This Program First if You are Having IRS Problems

If you live in or around the area of Chicago, Illinois, there is a special program to help you with tax problems that cannot be resolved through normal IRS channels. (This information can be found at on publication 594). “The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS whose employees assist taxpayers who are experiencing economic harm, who are seeking help in resolving tax problems that have not been resolved through normal channels, or who believe that an IRS system or procedure is not working as it should. You may be eligible for assistance if you:

  • are experiencing economic harm or significant costs which would also include fees for professional representation;
  • have experienced a delay of more than 30 days to resolve your tax issue; or
  • have not received a response or resolution to the problem by the date promised by the IRS.

According the IRS website, this service is free, confidential, tailored to meet your needs, and available for businesses as well as individuals. There is at least one local taxpayer advocate in each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Because advocates are part of the IRS, they know the tax system and how to navigate it. If you qualify, you will receive personalized service from a knowledgeable advocate who will:

  • listen to your problem;
  • help you understand what needs to be done to resolve it; and
  • stay with you every step of the way until your problem is resolved.

You may contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service by:

  • calling their toll-free case intake line at 1-877-777-4778 or TTY/TTD 1-800-829-4059;
  • writing or calling your local taxpayer advocate whose address and phone number are listed in the government listings in your local telephone directory and in Publication 1546, The Taxpayer Advocate Service of the IRS – How to Get Help With Unresolved Tax Problems;
  • filing Form 911, Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order, with the Taxpayer Advocate Service; or
  • asking an IRS employee to complete Form 911 on your behalf.”

Obviously, the IRS is making an attempt to overcome the complexities of our tax system. The old days of harsh dealings with most tax payers has been replaced with this modern version of compassionate understanding and education. Contrary to some held views, many of the IRS employees do care about their work and their clients-you. They demonstrate how much they care by donating their time to help you resolve some difficult issues at no additional costs. The service is real and works for many.

Unfortunately, there are some that do not qualify for the program or that the program fails to help. You should try this program before seeking out legal alternatives. In the event you still need legal counseling, you will need to consult with a tax attorney. If you live in or around Chicago, Illinois,  contact us today at and we will get you in touch with a tax lawyer in your area who will be able to help you answer all the questions you may have about tax law.