Woman Wins Tax Deduction For Tuition

In a effort reminiscent of David and Goliath, a Maryland nurse took on the IRS in tax court and won.

Lori Singleton-Clarke won the deduction for $15,000 in tuition for business school on her 2005 tax return clearing the way for others to begin deducting tuition expenses for a Master in Business Administration degree.

Prior to this ruling, the IRS rules on deducting work-related tuition were complicated, preventing many from receiving credit on their tax returns.

Ms. Singleton-Clarke fought her way through the system without an attorney, according to a story about her case in the Wall Street Journal. She is quoted as having had to spend hours calling to figure out who to send what paperwork to during the audit that led to the court appearance in November 2008. She was notified that she had won the deduction just last month.